Customize CNC applications to your specific needs with Macros

Environment where user can create CNC code snippets and automatically integrate them into the main CNC processing program.

Flexibility to create what fits your existing equipment and processes

Use the CNC code snippets templates, which the AutoCNC module will automatically recognize and insert into the CNC program.

That way, you will obtain:

  • Ability to automate the generation of recurring CNC operations

  • Customization Capabilities - Macro functionality allows to build its own CNC sequences to match the capabilities of existing devices and enterprise processes

  • Ability to create and use CNC subroutines that Woodwork for Inventor cannot generate

  • Possibility to use Macros already created by other means

How do I get it?

Woodwork for Inventor Macros is available for CAM and Nesting users from version 13 and above.

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What competences do I need to use it?

For productive use of Macros, the user must have a good knowledge of:

  • Woodwork for Inventor

  • CNC/Nesting machines

  • JavaScript

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