Freedom to tailor software to your business needs

Create personalized applications using the Woodwork for Inventor infrastructure to manage model materials, texture direction, oversizes, and create post-processors for CAM and Nesting machines.

API for materials

API for material management will greatly speed up your narrow specific design routines. This tool will allow to manage:

  • Model materials

  • Grain direction

  • Oversizes

Operations performed on your application will be reflected in all accompanying information for production (BOM, drawings, CNC programs)

API for post-processors

With this postprocessor API, the user:

  • Gets the ability to create new and modify existing post-processors

  • Becomes independent of our load, can build a post-processor at its own pace, when he has time

  • Gains the freedom to make unique post-processors that are maximally adapted to its processes and technologies

How do I get it?

The Woodwork for Inventor API is available to all users with version 13 or later.

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What competences do I need to use it?

The user will be able to build applications on all media available in the Autodesk Inventor API:

  • VBA

  • iLogic

  • C#

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